What is Kerpoof?Kerpoof is a suite of multimedia tools designed for little learners (K-8). Studnets can make artwork, design movies, create cards and drawings, or tell a story using web-based tools.

Take a Tour of Kerpoof

´╗┐Classroom Applications

  • personal narrative
  • write a storybook
  • journal or story of historical event or character
  • display a science project
  • interpret a concept or idea through story

Things to Know

  • No emails required
  • Account required to save, edit, share, and email work
  • Teachers need to apply for an account to register students
  • Teacher must monitor student chats and message boards
  • Web site include lesson plans and classroom project ideas

Getting Started with Tell a Story
  1. Choose a storyline
  2. Choose a background or create custom background
  3. Choose character (s)
  4. Select text bubble or type story